CMP Distributors, Inc.

16753 Industrial Parkway

Lansing MI, 48906


CMP Distributors, Inc.
16753 Industrial Parkway
Lansing, MI 48906
Call 517.721.0970
Toll Free 866.721.0970
Fax 517.721.0974


Associate Listing
Catherine M. Parks - President
Christina M. Morris - Director of Operations
Maureca Wolf - Administrative Secretary
Brenda Bogue - Administrative Assistant
Douglas Adams - Shipping/Receiving
Jane Seipenko - Sales
Garry Flanary - Outside Sales
Brian Russell - Sales Associate
Matt Watts - Sales Associate
Lisa Perry - Customer Service Representative
Orders email link is orders@cmpdist.com
Questions and assistance email is info@cmpdist.com
Quotes email link is quotes@cmpdist.com